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*Some 3D models displayed in this page were acquired from CGTrader & TurboSquid

The main goal of Previs is to be able to craft a preliminary version of the film, commercial, video, etc. And have a clear understanding on how it's going to look before the real production begins; this can help the client in better explaining his/her vision to the crew, so every department is on the same page in order to effectively execute the sequence.


Previs assists the Director or Cinematographer in deciding camera placement and movement, lighting, stage direction, editing, etc; strategically optimize the number of VFX shots and the number of essential locations needed; saving a lot of production and post-production time and money. 


For commercials, previs aids in deciding the best way to portray the product, determine what the practical and CG elements will be; and similar to film, a fully 3D animated version of it can be rendered to more effectively pitch the concept, and encourage the studios or producers to green light a project or raise money.


For music videos, previs can help prepare for the actual video shoot, decide the style and layout of cameras, lighting, talent, props, etc., delivering a great edited sample of how the final video will look.


Employing previs, it's easy to experiment with animated lighting FX, LEDs, etc. You can also get a better idea of the layout and possibilities of the stage and what technologies to use. Additionally you can witness how the design unfolds through the POV of the audience.


Previs can guide in establishing the attraction elements, imagery or the ride cars. It can help figure out the logistics, and inspect the functionality from every angle; as well as rendering a full ride through.